You are trained to rent a boat in Croatia

In addition to the large number of boats and harbours we offer throughout the Adriatic, we have prepared a list of very useful tips. We hope you will enjoy a more enjoyable holiday, avoiding any unexpected problems.

Why chooses a crew?

Some will seek contact with nature and loneliness to escape everyday life, while others see in the cruise a good way to practice as many activities as the Adriatic offer, and so will more often down to earth. Some will want to anchor in a calm bay, sunbathe, bathe and let time pass, while others will prefer to travel as many miles as possible to discover the Adriatic. You can always make proposals but you should always respect the opinion of others, and never force them to accept your ideas. When training the crew, avoid anyone with a pessimistic character who sees nothing but terrible problems that cannot be solved. For this kind of people, the sea is surely not the right choice, because with their criticisms and their negative attitude they risk endangering the good relationship functioning of the crew.

Choice of the navigation zone and preparation to embark

The choice of the maritime territory that you will discover during your cruise depends on the members of the crew, if the group is well composed it will be only a formality. If you are a beginner and rent the rent a boat split without skipper, choose a route already tested, with the least possible windy areas, and where the proximity of the coast can offer you a safe shelter in bad weather, being at maximum two hours of navigation. When taking the boat, it is necessary to check the equipment, as well as its proper functioning, as it represents an essential part of the boat. Each season offers a different face to the Adriatic and has its own story. If you have the opportunity, it will be a shame not to listen to each of them. If you decide to follow this recommendation, follow the following steps step by step.

If your cruise is for diving or fishing, check if you have the necessary permits and choose a part of the Adriatic that can offer you these activities.

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