This is how to rent my boat

One of the very first things i will want to do, is check that my boat or experience is properly categorized. Three different category types for my listing can be selected, with one of them being a primary category. These categories will help customers find my listing out of the thousands i have listed.

Staying responsive

It may seem easier to put off an email reply or phone call for later rather than answering it right away. When one replies to a potential renter soon after their inquiry. The sooner you respond to a renter, the more likely they are to rent from you. Additionally, should they have any questions or concerns while out on my boat, being both available and responsive will make my renter’s experience that much better?

Maintaining an up to date pricing scheme

Talking about whether as i intend to rent my boat my pricing changes throughout the year, I will say it is always best practice to change rates when the season changes so that renters know what the most recent pricing will be and are not shocked when they get a detailed quote from me. If one offer standard tours or packages, one can also detail those outings and pricing in the listing description. This gives customers an idea on places they can visit with my boat and the costs associated with it.

Staying unique

Standing out as a boat owner doing something that gets my renters to recommend me to their friends, Is a family taking the boat out for a few days? If one is chartering my boat, dressed up as a sea pirate, I will dismiss my renters off with a farewell wave and be at the dock when they return, welcoming them back to land. When they feel appreciated, they will share their experience with their friends. Having the highest quality photography and videos, leaving reviews, and sharing my listing with social networks may not guarantee a customer for life or an influx of new renters, it certainly helps.

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