Services and services during a luxury cruise

It is with the aim of offering more luxurious services that yachting professionals offer cruises on board luxury boats with a crew at the service of holidaymakers. This type of formulation has the advantage of providing you with memorable moments of comfort and pleasure shared with your loved ones. It is also a prestigious and exceptional option for people who wish to stay at sea with very little sailing experience. Indeed, thanks to the rental of a boat with crew, you will not need to take care of your boat throughout the cruise. Depending on your tastes, the staff on board can have a captain, a hostess and a cook. For more informations, contact Super Yacht Icon. These carefully selected professionals will be responsible for piloting, management, cooking and cleaning on board. In the respect of your privacy, they will remain at your disposal.

Rental of a luxury yacht

A sea trip is a way to find a country. It seems to be an opportunity to escape from everyday life and move from one island or country to another in no time. Spending your vacation on a fun boat is like watching the sun rise or fall on the horizon and breathing in the fresh air. During their sea journey, couples or families will remain independent. To have a skipper, they will be taken to their destination. If they have a boat licence, they will have the chance to sail without assistance. Apart from that, tourists are absolutely free to do what they want. Contact a professionnal for more informations about yacht charter destinations. Whether in the morning or afternoon, they can always opt for scuba diving, except in bad weather. They will also have the opportunity to lie down on the catamaran's trampoline, suspended above the water.

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