Moving by a professional

This is the guarantee, choose a professional mover without any problems. Moving companies offer you their experience and professionalism. It's already a lot of worries: boxes, moving, change of address, administrative formalities. You do not want, in addition to all this, to take care of the move itself. The use of a moving company allows you to get rid of a heavyweight. More informations: .Company p is responsible for damage, delay or loss of movable property and objects entrusted to it for removal. As such, in the event of loss of an item or late delivery, you can be held liable.

Estimate your move

Among the elements that make it possible to estimate the purchase price of a
the more important is the space: the longer the moving distance, the higher the cost of the move. The volume to be moved also counts a lot, making it possible to define a cost per cubic meter estimated in the estimate. Access will count in the cost calculation: a floor without an elevator in a city like Paris will require more labour than a floor in a city. Discover : Professional movers also provide various types of moving services, depending on the service you want and your budget, depending on the size of the relocation. The cost indicated on the quotation will be different.

Three levels of service

Of the three levels of services provided by movers, the standard formula is the most appropriate. The classic wording in moving is. It is the preferred service of households. With this formulation, the movers and the customer share the tasks. The customer is responsible for the packaging. He entrusts the moving professional with the technical and more difficult tasks. This agreement may have different names depending on the company. For many professionals, this can be called "classic formulation", "crucial offer" or "class 2 formulation"... The classic formulation in moving is a good compromise between doing it yourself and approving everything in a moving company. By using this formulation, the customer simply has to take care of the packaging of non-delicate objects: accessories, household linen and toys, books, baskets, curtains, rods, etc., in one hand, this allows him to sort his goods. What he wants to bring to his new home can be easily seen by him. And the fact that the professional takes care of the packaging of the objects reassures.

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