Looking into selling your boat ?

Selling your boat can be very tedious: inconclusive visits, complex administrative procedures, risk of buyer's insolvency, etc. To avoid all the constraints related to the sale of your boat, the easiest way is to call on a boat. experienced partner in the sale of boats. For this access the information on the boat sale process through the website www.bandofboats.com.

Selling boat for your own ?

Wondering if you have to sell it yourself or if you need to hire a broker? This tips help you understand the sales process and decide whether to do it yourself or through a professional :

  • Sell ​​your boat: quick guide

  • Make sure the boat is in the best conditions.

  • Organize the documentation of the ship.

  • Choose the right site to put an ad on your boat.

  • Prepare the ad carefully and take good pictures.

  • Set a correct price.

  • Prepare to test at sea.

  • Make sure to prepare a good sales contract.

  • If in doubt, use a broker.

Pay a professional

If your boat is over 9 meters in length, high-end, or just if you do not have time to sell, you can always hire a broker. Nautical brokers are intermediary agents that can be hired to advertise, represent and sell your boat for a commission on the sale (normally 10%). A good broker can provide you with a broad portfolio of markets, contacts and advertising portals that you probably could not access without his help. While there are specialized portals for the private sale of boats, others are beyond the reach of private sellers, since they prefer to deal directly with brokers.

So, if you choose a broker with experience in selling boats like yours, the process can be easier, faster and more convenient. Otherwise, you can sell it for yourself by respecting certain standards.

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