Hydrotherapy at it's finest with a jacuzzi tub

Who has not dreamed of sipping a glass of champagne in a privatized Jacuzzi? It is a luxury that many would like to offer, even if it is only a night's time.

A new form of well-being

Well-being is not translated into many languages here, but in any case, it is obtained from hot tubs. The Jacuzzi is, therefore, a luxury equipment very sought after, because it is a romantic call for couples wishing an intimate setting. The apartment features a spa and wellness centre with a jacuzzi. Well-being results from a lifestyle composed of various elements. Some of them are essential: serenity of mind, good nutrition, regular physical activity. Water is one of them. It is not only for drinking and washing, it can also be used for jacuzzi tub with hydrotherapy and thalassotherapy. These remedies treat the body as the spirit, as a gift of nature used by man, since time immemorial, in all cultures and all latitudes.

The benefits of hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy offers showers, baths, wraps, scrubs to warm or refresh the body. It is possible to use thermal water but it is not obligatory. In fact, the principle is to use the water temperature rather than its nature. The goal is to awaken the natural mechanisms of regeneration of the body thanks to the thermal difference produced by hot and cold. This thermal stimulation, after a first reaction that appears at the upper level of the skin, then manifests itself deeper. Hot water raises the temperature of your body and dilates your vessels, improving blood circulation. The pressure on your muscles and joints relaxes. The hot water allows you to decompress and regain serenity and a good emotional balance. For athletes, hydromassage of the muscles provider by the jets accelerates recovery after exercise.

The combination of warmth, weightlessness and massage brings you a feeling of relaxation and happiness.

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