Why install a spa bath in your bathroom

A spa bath or balneo bath, hydromassage and its benefits come to your home. Completely ergonomic, the spa bath has massage nozzles that will massage the whole body. Shoulders, back, legs and feet: the jets will both relax and tone all parts of the body.

There are spa baths that have specific massage programs tailored to your needs. Other bathtubs offer complementary therapies to make this time in your spa bath even more enjoyable. Indeed, depending on the model, you will be able to benefit from the virtues of aromatherapy (care with essential oils), music therapy (care with music) or chromotherapy (therapy with colors).

You will have the choice between two types of systems: the compressed air system which works, as its name suggests, on the propulsion of compressed air (rather made for relaxation, less to benefit from a real massage) or the air-water mixture system in which the pump recycles the water, pressurizes it and distributes it to injectors.

The benefits of installing a spa bath

If you're prone to joint pain or blood circulation issues, investing in a spa tub will help you cope with those health concerns better.

Above all, the spa bath is ideal for relaxing. Unfortunately, you can't go to thalassotherapy or spa treatment every week, so why not invite relaxation to your home? A few minutes a day in your spa bath will be enough to relax you from head to toe!

If you are a good handyman, it is possible to install your spa bath yourself. However, it is advisable to call in professionals, just for the guarantee that you can play in case of problems.

You can find spa tubs starting at $ 600 and then the prices soar depending on the number of accessories and options in the spa tub.

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