Cochise terrace

Get the design and size of your choice

The purchase of a spa is a project that requires some study, because even if the sale of a spa has become more democratic, it remains a luxury product. Then choose a spa that suits you!

Where to put your spa at home?

The Spa is a very heavy object, which requires a flat and solid place. It is very risky to put a spa on the first floor, but of course with an ingenious study everything can be done as long as it does not pose a risk to the entire building. The ideal solution is to place the spa in the basement or outside in the garden or under the veranda.

Spa inside

When we decide to put a spa in our living room, its design must match the rest of the furniture. There are different types of spas with different shapes. You can put the spa in the corner that will leave room, you can put it in the middle and take this royal shape like a bathtub or a bucket and others. The ideal is to embed the spa, and the work can be expensive, but it is a beautiful piece of jewellery that will add value to this home.

Spa is located outside the house

In this summer period, the tubs for sale are on promotion, especially the model for the outside of the house. You can start construction work and turn it into a spa house. A small wooden cabin with a spa for at least 6 peoples, a lounge bar, a lounge, massage tables, a buffet full of therapeutic aromas and music. If the spa is installed under the verandah, then the decor will be more friendly with the accessories of a garden party and a playground for children.

There are many companies that take care of this type of work and that you can even guide to have a personalized spa room.


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